Aside from Post-Production we do offer small scale video production as well. Though we can offer all the bells and whistles through our trusted partners we offer production services for those with a smaller budget. And by smaller budget we don’t mean less production value. You’ll still receive top quality footage and value just at a lesser cost. At Tristate Studios we have a small studio setup on site complete with pre-installed bi-color LED Light panels, Green Screen backdrops, Audio and a 4K Cinema Camera and Teleprompter for those longer messages so you don’t have to remember every line. This is perfect for Testimonials or simple Direct to Camera. We also have adjustable speed turntables, color changing LED lighting and more to get you the best product shots too!

We can even travel on location to collect B-Roll and Aerial footage. That’s right…aerial. Nowadays everyone has a drone (UAV) but not all drones offer the same quality plus it comes down to the operator as well regarding getting those epic shots. We can collect 4K footage on our DJI Drone for a fraction of what other will charge all while getting you epic shots that rival those in cinema. And when combined with our Post-Production services…are unrivaled.